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Learn to create the “Sweet 16” Mini Purse Cakes

Posted on: November 12, 2009

Join Donna over at Cake Decorating with Donna, The only Online Cake Decorating Class to learn cake decorating, no matter your age, whether your a teenager, or someone who has done a few cakes in the past if you have always dreamed of starting your own cake decorating business from home you can learn right now from the comforts of home, there is no need to travel looking for a class in your local area. You can sign up right now no matter your age at www.cakedecoratingwithdonna.com for only $20.99 a month which is less than the cost of a regular cake decorating book that never shows you all the details to creating a custom cake…. what are you waiting for???? Come on over and join us we are waiting to meet you and show you just how easy it is to learn cake decorating online!

The members of CDWD are learning to create Mini Cake Purses that are adorable and perfect for that Sweet 16 Birthday party!

miniature purse cakes

Mini Purse Cakes


miniaturecakepurses by donna

2 Responses to "Learn to create the “Sweet 16” Mini Purse Cakes"

Can you choose the time to watch the class ?????

Is it sent to your email ?????

Or do you get a password and sign onto you site http://www.cakedecoratingwithdonna.com

I live in Australia so how is the time frame done ????

Do you get to see all the classes no matter when you pay and sign up ?????

Love your site I want to sign up ,,But have to wait till February as I am moving house and will have to get a new internet service

hope to hear from you soon.. I am going to your web site to send the same message

Kind regards Jan

Hi i live in europe (france), im really interested in your online courses, im wondering if my location would be a problem?
Could you let me know?
Thank You

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