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Fondant Covered 3D Sneaker Cake

Posted on: October 28, 2009

Members of cake decorating with Donna recently learned how to create a one of a kind 3D Sneaker Cake that truly looks like the real thing!! The cake was done in a chocolate Brown and a Pink Color which is nothing but cute, the side of the shoes has a Cupcake as the logo and the shoe was named Cupcake Couture which is very fitting as you look as the Sneaker.

Below is a photo of this realistic 3D Sneaker Cake

Cupcake Couture Sneaker Cake

Cupcake Couture Sneaker Cake by Donna

7 Responses to "Fondant Covered 3D Sneaker Cake"

i just love your work im just a beginner that is dynig to know how you make the nike 3d cake my sister wants me to make them into mini cakes for her sons party but i dont know where to start, can you please please help me.l

I need HELP!!! I have to make a Nike cake for a HUGE Nike enthusiast and have no idea where to begin…do you have any templates or helpful suggestions you can give?!?! I would REALLY appreciate any help you can give!!!

To create a shoe cake it is best to start by looking at a real tennis shoe, use it to trace a template out, just sit the shoe in a piece of paper and trace all the way around it.
Then bake a few sheetcakes and use the template you made to cut out the cake, you will need to stack a few layers of the cake so that you end up with the correct height
for your shoe. You will need to use a sharpe knife to carve the cake to look just like a shoe. Then cover all the cake with icing and optionally you can cover the shoe with fondant if you would like. Then deorate the shoe to reflect the design you intend to create, I hope this helps!! If you are interested in additional info I do have full instructions for creating a shoe cake
on dvd showing the one that i did. If you are interested in the DVD please email me and I will get back to you…the dvd price is $29.99

Thanks for your response. I guess I should’ve been a little more clear…my despair comes concerning how to get details of shoe correctly, like the thick sole around the base of the shoe, laces, proportion. Do you have or does your video show how to get these details exact (done in fondant)?

I understand exactly what you are trying to say!! My dvd covers all this info and much more to be honest…..from start to finish, I show how to create your own template, to cutting and carving the cake and then we go through the process to cover in fondant and make shoelaces, the base of the shoe and decorating with the finishing touches. I hope this answers all the question you had my friend!

May I get info on doing the 3-D sneaker video?? Thanks

Would you please email me i would like to order your dvd on sneakers cake.

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