Learn Cake Decorating Online

Cake Decorating Online

Posted on: February 27, 2009

Joining Cake Decorating with Donna has all the Benfits a Cake Decorator is looking for.

How to Videos

Personal support

Free Giveaways

Free How to Videos

Cake Decorating Secrets from a Pro

Learn Sugar Sculpting

Learn to work with Fondant and Gum Paste

Get to know other Cake Decorators

Cake Decorating Ideas

Learn to make Sculpted Cakes


Get your Questions Answered

And so much more

Click HERE

and sign up to become a member of Cake Decorating with Donna for only $20.99 a month to begin your journey into cake decorating and sugar sculpting!

2 Responses to "Cake Decorating Online"

I would like to join your on line class and also have you got any idea`s on farm animals thanks Benita

The online web classes are a part of membership at cake decorating with donna…to sign up just click on this link http://www.cakedecoratingwithdonna.com/orders/signup.php?product_id=1&hide_paysys=paypal_rit will take you over there to get things going and get you signed up!!

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